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Fitness tests [6]
This section is designed to give you information about how get important data about cyclists fitness conditions.
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This chapter is for materials that are not suitable for three main categories.
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Rite choice is difficult. This chapter will helps you do it.
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New look on the old concepts.

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Workload tests is the main way for analysing your progress.


Fitness tests | Views: 794 | Added by: Skvira | Date: 26.01.2014

Tests in rest as additional tool in training.

Fitness tests | Views: 283 | Added by: Skvira | Date: 19.01.2014


Testing without principles become senseless.


Fitness tests | Views: 294 | Added by: Skvira | Date: 22.12.2013

About limitations which caused by high sensitivity threshold to acidosis.

Fitness tests | Views: 4310 | Added by: Skvira | Date: 15.12.2013

The easiest test for determination AT and AeT is also easiest test for monitoring your training progress.

Fitness tests | Views: 286 | Added by: Skvira | Date: 17.11.2013


There are a lot of criticism about Conconi test in web and scientific literature. This test is incorrect only on a first sight, and I show you why!


Fitness tests | Views: 333 | Added by: Skvira | Date: 03.11.2013